10 Amazing Holiday Sports In Europe

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Do you want to go on a Europe holiday? Far away or nearby? if Yes, then you should totally put these holiday sports in Europe in your Europe holiday bucket list.

So here are the top 10 Holiday sports in Europe that you should do to make out most of your Europe travel.

1- Rafting on the Vltava in the Czech Republic:

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The Vltava in the Czech Republic flows past picturesque places such as Cesky Krumlov. Different organizations organize multi-day after courses.

There are various campsites along the Vltava River where you can spend the night. The luggage is transported from camping to camping, while the holiday organizers in the raft sail downstream and will have wonderful days on the water.

2- Sailing Along The Greek Cyclades:

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For those who like to keep the boat in their own hands, a sailing holiday along the coast of the Greek archipelago is recommended. The sailors sail from island to island and during their sailing holiday have the opportunity to visit different islands or enjoy the wonderful nature in the Greek sun.

3- Cycling In The French Loire Valley:

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Along the French Loire Valley are more than a hundred castles, all of which are worth seeing. The cycle routes in the Loire Valley pass right by. Because the valley is relatively flat, it is not necessary to be a very experienced cyclist for this holiday. A reasonably good condition is handy.

4- Riding In Ireland:

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Ireland is not yet so densely populated and there is also a lot of rugged lands, so the horse lover can enjoy horseback riding. The tours often run along with the beautiful Celtic ruins that the country is rich with.

5- Walking Along The Lycian Way In Turkey:

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The Lycians are ancient trading people that have populated Turkey. One of their most important trade routes is now a marked long-distance walk. Walkers walk along the Turkish coast and regularly see the azure blue sea below them. After a small descent, it is possible to take a cooling dip in the water during the walk.

6- Skiing In The Swiss Alps:

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Skiers will be in their element in the Swiss Alps. This high-altitude area is still unsurpassed for skiing and snowboarding. The highest and most beautiful pistes are in St. Moritz.

7- Canoeing In The South Of France:

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When the winter is over, it’s time for a sunny summer vacation in the South of France. The Ard√®che is a well-known area for fine canoe trips, but it is also slightly more southerly to canoe along the Gorges de Gardon. The steep rocks along this river are very impressive.

8- Play Golf In Spain:

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For golfers, the Spanish south coast at Marbella is a true paradise. Here are the largest and most beautiful golf courses in Europe. All 18-hole course. A golf proficiency certificate is required for many courses.

9- Survival In The Ardennes:

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For those who really want to go to the extreme, a survival trip in the Ardennes is recommended. Build your own rafts to get across the fast-flowing rivers. Cooking is done on a homemade wood fire. During this sporting holiday, people learn just about the border, their limits!

10- Sea Fishing In The Netherlands:

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Finally, sea fishermen live well in the Netherlands. In your own country, there are many options for a wonderful sporting fishing holiday on the high seas.


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