10 Fun Things To Do In LA

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Sun-drenched beaches, Venice Beach, movie stars, Hollywood, Santa Monica Beach and summers that seem to be coming to an end. It’s Los Angeles, baby! If you go on holiday to the City of Angels, let your light shine on these 10 things to do in LA. From world museums, music performances to festivals. After all, beach life becomes boring at some point …

So check out these top 10 Los Angeles attractions. A varied list of places of interest in LA!

1. Hollywood

things to do in los angeles california

Only for Hollywood can a list of highlights be made with ease. It is therefore not difficult to enjoy a whole day in Hollywood. Although these top 10 LA sights can be put together in any order, for many tourists Hollywood is the place to be. View the stars of the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard, stroll the Sunset Strip on Sunset Boulevard and visit a film studio.

2. Mulholland Drive

things to do in los angeles california

No, we have not forgotten the Hollywood Sign. This world-famous symbol of the Los Angeles film industry is located in the Hollywood Hills. The way to view these large letters is by driving your rental car along Mulholland Drive, part of which is unpaved.

This route is 21 miles long and winds through winding roads through the Hollywood Hills and Santa Monica Mountains. The view along the way is amazing. It is not for nothing that the road often comes back in films.

3. Beverly Hills

things to do in los angeles california

Although the series was last shown on TV in the previous millennium, everyone will be able to beat the zip code of the chic Beverly Hills neighbourhood. In 90210, it is a pure luxury that hits the clock. Especially on and around the best known and most expensive shopping street of Los Angeles, the Rodeo Drive. Even if you don’t have a big wallet, it is nice to walk around there. And to look at expensive cars and celebrities. During the countless tours in the neighbourhood, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the villas of the rich and famous.

4. Santa Monica Pier

things to do in los angeles california

Yes, it looks like an amusement park with the Ferris wheel and the roller coaster. Yes, it is busy there. And yet a visit to the Santa Monica Pier is one of the best things to do in Los Angeles. This world-famous pier is not only known for the many films and series shot there, it is also the end point of Route 66.

On the beach right next to the Santa Monica Pier you will find Muscle Beach, Sun-tanned powerhouses and nimble muscle bundles show their skills there all year round.

5. Getty Center

The Getty Center is a top Los Angeles institution in the hills just above Sunset Boulevard. It is home to incredible rotating art objects from the art collection of oil trader J. Paul Getty, a garden that is a work of art in itself and a stunning example of architecture. Thereby; the Getty Center with its 11 buildings gives you one of the best views on the west side of the City of Angels, so take the time to enjoy it! Admission is free.

6. Hollywood Bowl

If you like music, take a trip to this iconic LA location for a concert in the heart of Hollywood. From M83, Kanye West to world-renowned opera singers, the performances are extremely diverse and there is always something special on the agenda.

  • Nice to know: the bowl represents the natural cavity in which the theatre is built.

7. Venice Beach

things to do in los angeles california

Few people know that Venice owes its name to Venice. The canals in this neighbourhood will ignore most tourists. This district is mainly known for being Venice Beach, where artists and artists show their creativity on the boulevard every day. But the beach itself is also one of the most beautiful in California. Drop down on a terrace and be amazed by everything that passes by.

  • Fun to do: rent a bike and take a trip along the wide sandy beach.

8. Japanese American National Museum

This cultural museum gives you a glimpse into everything that has to do with Japanese culture and history. There is a permanent exhibition and there are changing exhibitions. In 2017, New Frontiers: The Many Worlds or George Takei, actor and activist, are on the agenda.

9. To An Amusement Park

things to do in los angeles california

Los Angeles is the city of the film. You can see that in the many amusement parks that LA and its surroundings offer. The best-known theme parks are Disneyland California (located in Anaheim) and Universal Studios. However, if you want to watch well-known film studios, you’ve come to the right place at Warner Brothers Studios. There you can, among other things, take a seat on the world-famous bank of Friends. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, which opened in 2016, also sees visitors in a film

10. Downtown LA

things to do in los angeles california

You would almost forget it, but Los Angeles also has a center, although that appeals less to the imagination in LA than in many other cities. Downtown Los Angeles is nevertheless very varied and has a lot to offer tourists. For example in El Pueblo de Los Ángeles, the oldest part of the city.

Furthermore, China Town, Little Tokyo and the Walt Disney Concert Hall are worth a stop. Begin your city walk at the Union Station train station.

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