10 Amazing Gifts For Travelers That Will Absolutely Love

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Need gifts for travelers? For example for Sinterklaas, Christmas, for a birthday, farewell, thank you or a gift for yourself … what does it matter. It is always a good time for gifts from our gift guide! We selected the best gifts for travelers and collected them in random order in a super handy overview.

1-Reading Lamp:

gifts for travelers

Small reading lamp to clamp on a book. Can also be placed on a flat surface, such as a desk or bedside table. The white reading lamp which can be folded. Small and compact, so easy to take with you. This reading lamp has a modern look. It works on two CR2016 coin cell batteries that are included). The light is bright enough to read but does not disturb others. The reading is made of plastic.

2-Bicycle Phone Holder:

gifts for travelers

The bicycle phone holder is a universal holder that fits any smartphone. It is a sturdy and handy smartphone holder for your bike. Due to the double clamps, there is no possibility that your phone will slide into the bicycle phone holder.

The holder is rotatable up to 360 degrees so that you can rotate your smartphone in the desired position at any time. Very useful for when the sun is shining on your screen. In short, the Phone Holder for the bike and phone holder for the Kikkerland wheelchair is indispensable when you spend a lot of time on your smartphone while you are cycling. It makes your bike ride much safer!.

3-Bluetooth luggage lock:

gifts for travelers

Men love gadgets. Certainly from this gadget. Because with this Bluetooth luggage lock you will never lose your suitcase again. With your smartphone, you can open and close the lock and an alarm will sound if someone else tries to open the lock. With the Track & Trace function, you can follow the lock and you will receive a notification if you accidentally leave the suitcase somewhere. Ideal for men who often board the plane.

4-Smartphone Video Stabilizer:

gifts for travelers

Does he take a lot of photos and videos while traveling? Then he will love this video stabilizer. Thanks to this tool you can make much more stable videos with your smartphone. Thanks to a bullet, the compact holder ensures that more weight is attached to it so that the phone can swing more smoothly. Never again very shaky images that will make you seasick!

5-The Minipresso:

gifts for travelers

Is it a man who can’t do without coffee? Who always complains that the coffee tastes better at home? With this Minipresso that is a thing of the past. From now on, he can take his own ground coffee with him on a journey and put a fresh cup of espresso everywhere. Fully equipped with a cup, it is the most compact espresso machine in the world. Perfect for coffee addicts that travel a lot.

6-Travel Cutlery:

gifts for travelers

Everything at hand with this handy and sturdy travel tool multi-tool. Compact and at the same time robust tools for the journey, including a sharp knife, corkscrew and bottle opener, but also just a set of travel cutlery. A practical but cool gift for a man.


gifts for travelers

This sturdy, lightweight daypack is a valuable gift that will certainly benefit your men when traveling. The backpack has a capacity of 28 liters and is compact to store.

8-Passport Cover:

gifts for travelers

This luxury leather passport cover was designed and handmade by Villini. The design of this passport cover takes into account the wishes of travelers, so there is room for your passport, vaccination passport, (bank) cards, money, and tickets. The leather passport cover can be closed with a snap button so that nothing can fall out in your bag. The case is made of genuine leather, a 100% natural product and is available in several colors. Also nice with the matching leather wallet.

9-Cubes for Travel:

gifts for travelers

Is the man for whom you are looking for a gift a real gadget nerd and does he usually travel with a lot of electronics? Then the Cube electronics organizer is a very functional gift for him that really benefits him. With this, he stores all his chargers and electronics safely, compact and organized. A handy birthday or farewell gift for a man who travels a lot is this handy leather passport cover. Stylish, practical and cool at the same time!


gifts for travelers

It doesn’t get more masculine than this, because with this gadget you can go all the way back to basic. An ideal gift for men who love camping or just want to show how good their survival skills are. This Swedish spark steel is an ultramodern variant of an ancient method of making fire. With this, your outback jacket guarantees a fire in no time at all.

Tell me in the comments which one of these amazing gifts for travelers did you like?

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