Top 10 Beautiful Beaches In The World

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Today, you deserve a break and we’ll transfer you directly to what we are sure will be your next holiday destination, just imagine yourself enjoying the Sun in front of a beautiful beach while your feet feel the fineness of the sand all a tropical paradise. That’s why today we brought you the 10 best beaches n the world.


beautiful beaches in the world

Is this place not known to you!! of course it is very likely that you’ve seen it in the background of any computer or laptop and the majesty of more than a thousand beaches that exist in the Maldives is worthy the first place in our top 10 best beaches in the world.

These beaches that are the best examples of nature’s perfection, you can only find them in the Indian Ocean, in the south of India or in the Maldives

This place has tourists from all around the world because of its large set of
1200 coral islands which are evenly distributed in 26 large atolls, it has warm but humid weather which passes to the background after seeing this earthly paradise of exquisite turquoise waters that will make you feel all the peace that you are not looking for but it came to you suddenly when they touch your feet.

The Maldives offer a luxury night show to produce one of the most amazing phenomena in the world. We are referring to the magical stars sea, this occurs due to bioluminescence; a natural chemical reaction that occurs when a microorganism is distributed in the water by the movement of the waves. That is why thanks to the incandescent light of this bioluminescent phytoplankton.


beautiful beaches in the world

This is one of the most famous beaches in Spain to such an extent that it is normal to see it in some postcard of the city of Menorca this paradise place has fine white sand in calm turquoise blue waters that you will never want to leave from here.

It feels such a natural environment that it is sometimes frequented by nudists, but don’t even worry about it, there are quite a few limits about it. This Beach can be found in the Bay of colomac Arella but it is smaller and has no restaurant.


beautiful beaches in the world

do you love the whiteness of snow and the heat of summer, but you don’t know which place to go exactly to match all your tastes? don’t worry, in Scala Dei Turkey you will find that and much more.

This beach is a little more than nine miles from Agrigento and Italy, has a blinding whiteness thanks to its rocks which are known as Marga’s and have as an important quality to be pure white in colour whiter than snow.

Thanks to the weather and erosion of its soil the entire cliff has light steps created by the power of nature. If we add to this, the incredible and resplendent summer weather that goes along with an intense blue beach. Scala Dei Turkey promises to give you the best landscapes if you choose it as a holiday destination.

4. Sarakiniko

beautiful beaches in the world

Being one of the most beautiful countries, having an enviable architecture and a splendid natural wealth. We are not surprised that Greece offers us the beach as beautiful as Sarika Nikko called the moon beach by tourists.

Sarika Nikko is located on the island of Milo and is finely decorated with very unusual white rock formations. It is considered as one of the most curious and extravagant beaches on the planet, because of the passage of time and as a result of the erosion of the soil volcanic rocks with different styles.

Yet, this is not its only attraction. At a distance it’s no greater than 0.6 miles, we can observe the popular sunken ship of Milo’s with which time had no mercy and left it rusty but safeguarding endless experiences.

5. Cathedral Cove

beautiful beaches in the world

If you are looking for a magical beach it’s a fact that Cathedral Cove will be the perfect place for you. It is so beautiful and mystical that it was featured in the Narnia chronicles Prince Caspian used as a portal for the Pevensie brothers to cross. is there a more magical Beach the one that appeared in Narnia? of course not, with incredible turquoise waters that could hypnotize you even with the smallest waves, an imposing stone arch, white sand and a waterfall with crystal clear water.

It’s not hard to imagine why it is known worldwide although cathedral cove is located in New Zealand and could become an audacity to reach Oceania. The whole journey will be worth it because you would not only be able to witness its mystical beauty, but you will also achieve a series of activities that you won’t forget such as boat trips, kayaking, snorkelling and discovering the depths of the ocean with a submarine.

It is impossible to get bored around there.

6. Bora Bora

beautiful beaches in the world

We just reached the most romantic position of our top beautiful beaches in the world.

Bora Bora is one of the beautiful beaches in the world but also a newlyweds favourites looking to spend a wonderful honeymoon it’s the perfect place. With spectacular weather, Bora Bora offers warmth and beautiful landscapes to enjoy a dream trip, it’s like a private oasis in which only you and your partner are the main characters.

This Beach is located northeast of Tahiti less than an hour by plane from Papeete in French Polynesia. The way to get to Bora Bora is only by boat, to finally be welcomed with warm smiles of the inhabitants and hundreds of flowers at your feet.

The best accommodation you can find in Bora Bora and which are truly comfortable are the bungalows which you can see along the entire Beach. It is inexplicable to tell you how beautiful and memorable your nights will be seeing the moon by the sea.

To be active Bora Bora gives you the perfect opportunity to practice snorkelling, diving, fishing, jet ski, parachuting or tour the entire island by plane, you can also walk along the shore or take a jeep safari tour.

It is said that anyone who sets foot in Bora Bora never manages to forget its stunning beauty its turquoise waters the towering mountain peaks that surround it and its lush Bunga lows elements that together form an unforgettable cover photo.

7. Algar De Benagil

beautiful beaches in the world

Portugal may not be considered one of the largest countries in the world but it can boast as having one of the beautiful beaches in the world. Al Guarda bene Gil this captivating beach that is located in the Portuguese Algarve it is really special because it has its own cave, just take it in on its maximum splendour.

Thanks to the fact that it has a natural oculus on the ceiling sunlight
can reach inside making it look like a ray of divine light. What more signals do you want? and if you thought that due to the fact that it was a cave it would be difficult to access. That would be very wrong because of his only 196 feet away from the sand. We recommend that you go in the hours that there is more sun exposure because the hole in the roof is not big enough.


beautiful beaches in the world

If you’re an art lover and especially if it’s the abstract kind, this Beach will enchant you.

Whitehaven is an Australian beach so dazzling that if you contemplate it from an aerial view it looks like a magnificent oil painting in degraded colours. As soon as you step on the ground you will realize that it has one of the whitest sands in the world because it is made of 98 per cent
silica; it is as

If you are afraid to test the heat with your delicate feet don’t worry they will not burn regardless of the overwhelming heat, this is because of the fact that the sand does not retain heat allowing you to walk with total freedom throughout its 4.5miles while you enjoy watching the Coral Sea. White and soft as if it were talcum powder.

Now that you’ve seen this beauty we’re sure you’ll want to visit it. Therefore, the only way you can get the beach is either by boat or by
plane. Most tourists visit only the northern in southern extremes but if
your adventurous spirit is greater than your fatigue you can plan ahead a tour to the rest of the beach as well as you can see whitehaven has being in this top very well deserved, it’s simply spectacular.

9. Navagio

beautiful beaches in the world

With unprecedented beauty we can find Navagio beach on the western coast of greece, to be exact this Beach is part of the island of Zakynthos which is surrounded by extraordinary cliffs. You can only get there is by boat.

Adorning with incomparable beauty on this Beach is the wreckage of the panted geoTeSS which was a boat that sank due to mechanical problems and also due to the bad weather in 1980. And as if they were to ship guards there are two huge rocks together that surround the entire beach and are lost with the intense blue and dominant sea.

With this type of landscape navageo beach becomes one of
the beautiful beaches which is difficult to forget.

10. Lanikai Beach

beautiful beaches in the world

Lovers of perfect (surf) waves and big rollers in the ocean go to the North Shore on Oahu, but the Hawaiian island also attracts beach fans to the small Lanikai Beach. Go paddling and suppern’, you are sure to share your idyllic experience with turtles.

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