10 Best Beaches In Bali

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What is the nicest beach destination in Bali? With so much choice, it can be overwhelming and that is why we list the options for you. From hip beach destinations to sleeping surf villages and hidden gems: Bali has it all. I’m happy to help you find the best beaches in Bali and figure out which beach destination suits you best!


beaches in bali

Sanur is a fairly quiet resort and one of the most famous beaches in Bali. Many couples come to Sanur and to be honest, it also attracts an older crowd. Bars such as Lingalonga and Casablanca bring life to the brewery. Sanur is also becoming increasingly popular among surfers because it is not a busy surf spot and so there is a lot of room to catch waves. Surfers relocate to Sanur (and Serangan) in particular from November to March, as the beaches on the west coast are too polluted. Due to the strong wind in the months of May to September, Sanur is again a popular spot for wind and kite surfers in those months. You will also find the most beautiful sunrises on this side of the island. If you are an early bird, then you are lucky! Oh, and Sanur also has the most beautiful yoga school on the island.

2. Uluwatu Beach

Best beaches in bali

Uluwatu Beach doesn’t actually exist. There are beaches at the Uluwatu Temple. With beautiful names such as Nyang Nyang Beach and Pantai Nunggalan. Both are south of the temple and are easy to reach.


Best beaches in bali

Do you want to go crazy, party until the late hours and break out on the beach during the day? Kuta, Tuban and Legian, the most touristic place in Bali, is the answer. Sky Garden attracts many people every night with their cool parties. During the day you can break out on the beautiful, but busy, sandy beach. At sunset, or earlier, grab a Bintang beer again and watch the sun disappear into the sea. There are many surf schools in Kuta, so if you want to glide over the waves, this is also a great place to be. And are you a sushi lover? Japanese restaurant Take is located in Kuta, the best Japanese restaurant on the island! Shoppers can indulge in the ‘Beachwalk’ shopping center where you can also find a nice big cinema where you can sit down in wonderfully spacious seats and watch the latest films. Authentic Bali is a bit far-fetched here, but if you are looking for a party, you can definitely go here.

4. Dreamland Beach

Best beaches in bali

Dreamland Beach was the former private grounds of President Suharto. But in front of his immense estate lies the idyllic Dreamland, one of the best places to surf in Bali. Unfortunately, there are nowadays many hotels and a golf course. But the beach is definitely worth it. And you can still find quiet places there.

5. Candidasa Beach

Best beaches in bali

Candidasa has volcanic black sand beaches, but also beautiful white beaches. When you compare Candidasa with the beach destinations in the south, it is super quiet in the east of Bali. Candidasa is, therefore, a perfect base for exploring the east side of Bali. You can easily take a day trip to the mother temple Besakih for example. You can also put the market of Amplapura or diving in Padang Bai on your to-do list.

6. Balangan Beach

Best beaches in bali

Balangan Beach is one of the most peaceful beaches in Bali. Here you still have a wonderful beach, without large hotels and many boats. The beach bar above the beach completes the picture.

7. Padang Padang

Best beaches in bali

Padang Padang Beach is strikingly small and has its own atmosphere. With small restaurants, some rocks on the beach and a few tourists. Certainly in the early morning or at the end of the day.

8. Seminyak Beach

Best beaches in bali

Seminyak Beach is a long beach of about 5 kilometers on the west coast of Bali. You can wander here, especially in the early morning. Or when the sun goes down. With a drink. And you can then immediately sit down in one of the open-air restaurants. And continue in one of the discos. People-watching here is fun.

9. Pemuteran Beach

Best beaches in bali

The west of Bali is perfect to explore from beach destination Pemuteran. For many, Pemuteran is the first introduction to Bali after a trip around Java. Or the last point of Bali before they take the boat trip to East Java. From the port of Gilimanuk, it is about 45 minutes to Pemuteran. From Pemuteran to Sanur, for example, it is a four-hour drive. Pemuteran is, due to its location close to the islet Menjangan, also a good stop for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. You can easily book a tour here. At the Menjangan reef, you can see much-colored fish. The snorkeling is very nice here because it is a so-called wall. This means that the sea next to the reef is very deep, so you don’t have to watch out with your flippers and just swim along the reef while you watch the fish.

10. Amed For Divers

Best beaches in bali

If you go further north you will arrive in Amed, about a 2.5-hour drive from Sanur. The black beaches of Amed may not give a tropical feeling in the photos, but it is certainly a good place to be in reality. Especially diving enthusiasts like to come to Amed. Wreck diving to the Japanese plane is perhaps the most popular dive made in Bali. The plane is at a depth of around 25 meters. Because of the good visibility, you can see the plane quite quickly when you descend. Because the plane has grown closed, you cannot swim through it anymore. You see small fish everywhere around the wreck. Nearby you will also find sloping reefs where you can spot all kinds of special fish such as sweetlips and pufferfish.

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