The Best Hawaiian Islands By Name

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What is the best Hawaiian Island to visit? How were The Hawaiian islands Formed? what are the best things to to do in Hawai?. Well, before answering those question just be sure that whatever Hawaiian island you chose you’ll still have to visit the other ones because of they all worth it. Each one has its own natural beauty, sights, activities and they all have wonderful beaches. But there are still some important differences which we will discuss later in this amazing Guide of the best Hawaiian Islands.

What are The Best Things To Do In Hawaii?

To know more about the best things you can do in Hawaii read this Hawaii Guide of ours.

The Hawaiian Islands:

1- Hawaii (Big Island):

Hawaiian islands

It’s a little confusing. The island of Hawaii is the largest island of the US state of Hawaii. It is usually called “Big Island” to prevent confusion. This is the island with Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you will find the active volcanoes Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Where you can almost always see flowing lava.

Also worthwhile is Akaka Falls State Park, where you will find the 129 meters high Akaka Waterfall at Honomu. Also special is Wao Kele o Puna, a dense rainforest where you can walk well. It is located approximately 25 kilometers from Hilo.

2- Maui:

hawaiian islands

Mauia is the second largest island, only Hawaii (Big Island) is larger. There you will find two volcanoes, including the impressive Haleakala of 3,055 meters. Which is often climbed, especially to see the sunrise. The Kaheliki Highway is a wonderful road to drive through the rainforest of Hawaii. While the Haleakala National Park is perfect for hiking. Those who enjoy surfing can visit famous beaches such as Jaws, Lanes, Ho’okipa and Kanaha.

3- Kauai

hawaiian islands

According to many, Kauai is the most beautiful island. The highest point is Kawaikini with 1,598 meters. The most famous place is the Na Pali Coast in the northwest of the island. This coast has become world famous for countless films and series, such as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Jurassic Park. Lilo & Stitch is also set there.

4- Oahu:

hawaiian islands

Oahu is the island of Honolulu and the beaches of Waikiki. Where you will always find surfers, but also bathers. A wonderful place to start your trip around Hawaii, since there is the airport. This is also the famous place of Pearl Harbor, where ships are still in the water after the Japanese attack. Also worth a visit is the Polynesian Cultural Center, where you can learn everything about how the Polynesians came there. And how they settled on the island. It is also the island where Barack Obama was born.

5- Molokai:

hawaiian islands

Molokai is often skipped. Which is not justified. Here you will find the highest cliffs in the world; higher than the Na Pali Coast on Kauai. These cliffs became known through the third film from Jurassic Park. It is a wonderful place to discover on foot. This used to be the leper colony of the islands. It was used until 1969.

6- Molokini:

Molokini is a uniquely shaped island; it has the shape of a horseshoe. It is a volcanic island, part of which has sunk into the ocean. The island is very popular with divers, snorkelers and snuba (a mix of snorkeling and scuba diving). Where you get air with a long cord while sitting underwater. Molokini is one of the top 100 snorkeling and diving spots on earth.

7- Lanai:

hawaiian islands

Lanai is one of the less known islands. Few tourists come here because the island actually has few attractions.

Fact About Hawai:

Hawaii is an absolute ‘hotspot’. According to geologists, the nine islands of Hawaii are the example of a ‘hotspot’. This is an extremely hot place under the earth’s crust. If the pressure becomes too large, a volcanic eruption will occur. After tens of thousands of years of flowing lava and eruptions, that creates new islands at sea. And over a longer period of time (think of millions of years) this creates a chain of islands.

hawaiian islands

As a result, Hawaii has the oldest volcanoes in the west, while the youngest (and most active) are in the east. Apart is still invisible to the eye. Such as the Loihi volcano, which lies 30 km into the sea. Scientists say the new island will rise above sea level in 10,000 years. Because of this rugged past, the island of Molokai claims to have the highest cliffs in the world adjacent to the sea.

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