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Fun Things To Do In Cape Town, South Africa

things to do in cape town

There are few world cities that can match the versatility of Cape Town. There are too many fun things to do in Cape Town that you have to take at least five days to be able to absorb all the beauty that this city wants to give you. It is the ultimate city for Bon …

Top 10 Beaches In South Africa

best beaches in south africa

With beautiful beaches, you quickly think of countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, exotic places such as Hawaii, the Maldives or Bora Bora. But many forget that Africa also has a number of beautiful beaches. Africa is a huge continent with a coastline that seems to be coming to an end. South Africa is a …

The Ultimate South Africa Bucket List

south africa bucket list

South Africa is a super varied country. It is beautiful and romantic, but also rough and adventurous. You can enjoy lazily or have the adrenaline pumped through your body. The landscapes, the animals, the people, the delicious food, the bright blue skies: it is hard to explain why South Africa makes such a deep impression. …