Discover The Most Fun Facts About Thailand

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Do you want to travel to Thailand? soon or far away? then knowing these Interesting facts about Thailand is highly recommended.

One of the reasons why you should know these interesting facts about Thailand is because it’s one of the most popular destinations in Asia and for many travelers, it is their starting point for a tour of this part of the world.

With that being said let’s go through these surprising facts:

1- Toilet paper is on the table not in the toilet:

facts about thailand

In Thailand, it is sometimes a wild water fight in the toilet since there is no toilet paper anywhere. You will find toilet paper in Thailand on the restaurant table rather than on the toilet …

2- Prison Sentence Without Underwear:

facts about thailand

Well, this is the funniest facts about Thailand!

Did you know that there is an official law in Thailand that prohibits you from leaving the house without underwear? If you do, a hefty prison sentence is waiting for you! So bring an extra pair of underwear !!

To know more about Thailand law, Check THIS out.

3- The Whole Family On The Moped:

facts about thailand

Thailand is in the top 3 with the most traffic casualties of 2014. Then you would expect everyone to wear a helmet ?! Let alone the whole family on one moped…

4- Bizarre Parties:

The Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan is the biggest example of the bizarre parties in Thailand. Imagine ten to thirty thousand drunken partygoers in neon-colored outfits and fluorescent paint tattoos on an elongated beach that are partying until dawn. And in the meantime, they are mainly jumping rope. A burning rope, that is! Yes see for yourself:

5- Thailand Hosts The Biggest Water-Fight In The World:

During the Thai New Year (13 – 15 April 2015), Thailand changes into one big water fight. Supersoakers ready to go and battle with the locals! Oh and don’t be surprised if an elephant gets involved in the water fight.

6- The Sell Coffee On a Plastic Bag:

facts about thailand

if you are in the street and you want to have a cup of coffee, you will certainly get it in a plastic bag. people often sell it in a handy plastic bag instead of the traditional plastic cup.

7- Thailand Insects Foods:

The undisputed number one is, of course, the bizarre food they eat in Thailand. From raw blood soup with mashed beetles to crispy, fried frog skin. But the insect stands on the Khao San Road remind everyone who has been to Thailand. And let’s not forget the black scorpion sticks.

QUESTION: Is it safe to eat insects in Thailand?

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8- Thailand Is The Land Of The Ladyboys:

Unfortunately, This is one of the negative facts about Thailand.

No doubt about it. Acceptance by the environment is one of the main reasons for the relatively high number compared to other places in the world. Locally they are also called ‘kathoey’. By the way, the majority of ladyboys still have male gender.

Do you use the dating app Tinder and are you looking for women? Always read the profile of the ‘lady’ in question. If it is a ladyboy, the person usually mentions it.

9- 1Euro = 34Bath:

facts about thailand

The relationship between the euro and the Thai baht can be called fairly stable. Today you get over 34 baht for 1 euro. In the past 2 years, this was at least 36.4 baht and at most 41.45 baht. In Jip-en-Janneke language: the more baht you get for 1 euro, the cheaper it is.

10- Thailand is The Home Of +40000 Buddhist Buildings:

facts about thailand

Do you like temples? Then Thailand is the place to be. With more than 41,000 Buddhist buildings you literally fall short. Wat Pho with the golden reclining Buddha, the fairytale-like Wat Rong Khun, Wat Mahathat and Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep is just a few. If you didn’t know it yet, “what” means “temple.”

Incidentally, more than 90% of the Thai population is Buddhist. A good explanation for the many shrines in the country.

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