10 Packing Tips For International Travel

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The long-awaited vacation is just around the corner. But first: finish your work, do laundry, clean up, do the shopping for the road and of course: pack your bags! To help you do that, we selected 10 packing tips for international travel for you:

Tip 1: Packing List Of Suitcases

Start by making a list and check what you have taken. You can make one in an authentic way with pen and paper, but you can also make internet packing lists easily. For example, GetPacked app also helps you pack your suitcase. That way you will not forget anything, but you will also not take anything superfluous with you.

  • Extra tip: save your takeaway list for the next time you go on vacation. Saves you time again!

Tip 2: Take An Empty Bottle With You

When you fly, you know that you are not allowed to take bottles of water on board. Now, water is usually free on Airplanes, but sometimes you have to pay the main price for it or you have to wait a long time for it and then you only get a small cup. Therefore always take an empty bottle with you, which you can refill yourself in the toilet after security.

Tip 3: Put The Cords In A Glasses Case

You always get rid of cords on the road and also often swing through your suitcase, bag or hand luggage. Keep cords such as the charger of your phone or tablet in a glasses case. Connect each cord with an elastic band so that they do not get tangled.

Tip 4: Put Fragrance Bags In Your Suitcase

In a suitcase, clothing can quickly smell musty. Therefore always put a few odour bags in your bag, so that your clothes smell nice all over the world. If you choose a fragrance bag from the same brand as your detergent, it will also smell a little like home when on holiday!

Tip 5: bring Plastic bags

Always put your shoes in plastic bags before you put them in your suitcase. This way your clothing will not only stay clean, but you will also always have bags with you when travelling that will always come in handy. For waste, for example, or for packaging things that can go well.

Tip 7: Take Plug:

Take a world plug with your luggage as standard to prevent you from using electrical equipment at your destination.

  • Tip: Also take a power strip with you; this way you only need to take one world plug with you and you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Tip 7: Buy Toiletry Bag

Every drugstore sells small packs of shower gels and shampoos, which will give you a lot of extra space. You can also pour your own care products into empty travel bottles or gamble for the presence of scented soaps in the bathroom of your hotel. Empty lens boxes can easily be filled with creams or liquid make-up. Don’t forget to put a plastic bag around your toilet bag against possible leaks. Liquids in vials of 100 ml maximum may be taken as hand luggage.

Tip 8: Powerbank

Always handy to charge your phone while on the road, so that you can properly photograph that beautiful waterfall. Just remember that a charged power bank must be carried on the plane as hand luggage and not in the airspace!

Tip 9: E-reader or tablet

What could be more relaxing than relaxing after a day full of impressions with a delicious drink and a nice book? Download a few digital books on your eReader, tablet or telephone. This saves a lot of weight and reduces the risk of a dislocated shoulder …

Tip 10: Traveling with children

Are you going on holiday with a baby or small children? Then bring enough milk powder yourself. The quality of baby milk is often not guaranteed in distant countries. Also ensure that there are sufficient (lightweight) toys on the plane, such as colored pencils, sticker sheets or folding papers. Your child will be happy with this during the flight.

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