Top 10 Tips To Grow Your SAVE MONEY FOR TRAVEL

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Saving money for travel may seem difficult, but the easiest way to do this is to adjust your lifestyle so that you can save money. You can then save the saved money every month. Make travel a priority in your life, and adjust your lifestyle. Adventure awaits!

Check these 10 tips below to grow your save money for travel‘s skill:

1. Limit Shopping

how to save money for travel

This is especially for women.

shop for only what’s necessary for and forget about what the latest trend is. Ask yourself do you bring your whole closet with you? do you bring your whole house with you? unless you have Mary Poppins magical bag that stuff’s everything inside!. You’re not gonna bring even maybe half of what you own unless you are an advanced minimalist. Most likely you’re not gonna bring even one-fifth of what you own with you.

When you travel you get that craving to buy the coolest sneakers out on the market if you don’t have those sneakers are you gonna die, is that like air to you?. Some of you might be half-serious and say yes are! then are these sneakers more important to you than traveling or traveling is more important to you than the sneakers.

Before any purchase. Ask yourself do I really need this? does it have anything to do with supporting my financial goals or my travel goals or are you buying it just out of an emotional attachment?.

2. Prepare A Weekly Or Monthly Budget

Do not spend any money on things that are not strictly within your budget. If you go out for an evening with friends, determine in advance how much money you can ‘spend’ on it. Take that amount in cash with you and leave your card at home. If you do not trust yourself, you can, for example, pin the weekly budget on Monday and you have to do it for the rest of the week. By setting a separate budget for each category (rent, groceries, clothing), you will adhere to it more easily. You cannot borrow from other ‘pots’, you just have to become creative and work with what you have.

3. Think Of Everything You Save In ‘Travel Terms’.

€500 is a return ticket to Asia or America. €200 is a week of backpacking in Southeast Asia or a long weekend in Europe. €100 is your ticket to a European destination for a city trip. €50 is an airline ticket within Asia. €20 is snorkeling with Manta Rays in Indonesia. For € 10 you can drink cocktails with a beautiful sunset in Asia. And from €5 you can eat all day in Thailand. This makes saving money to travel much more fun.

4. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions.

If you go to the gym once a week, you can replace that with running once, or watch free workout videos on YouTube. Netflix, Spotify, hundreds of television channels and weekly magazines are also not necessary. Can’t share your Netflix and Spotify subscription with someone? Can’t you watch your favorite shows online? And can’t you replace those magazines with fun blogs?

5. Pay Off Existing Loans First

how to save money for travel

There is no point in saving if you still have current loans. The interest on a loan is usually higher than the savings interest that you receive.

6. Make Money

how to save money for travel

Take an extra job or take on extra gigs. It is depending on your skillset and what your interests are. you can tutor or maybe you’re really good at socializing and cook food, then maybe bartending is the way for you or maybe you like to babysit and there’s a ton of kids around your neighborhood.

7. Minimize Rent

Live at home with your parents. It is sure that you’ll have a little less freedom while you’re under their roof but once you get out of the world you become free again. For example, let’s say your parent ask you to pay $500 a month for rent, compare that to getting your own place for $1,500 a month you are saving 60% of your money. When you rent an apartment, you typically need a one-year lease. But what if a couple of those months you’re not gonna even be in the town. So one of the great things about being with your parents is that they’ll be a good influence financially.

8. Selling To Save Money

Sell items that you do not need and clothes that you no longer wear. Your house and your wallet will improve. It may not seem to deliver much, but as we have just discussed: every couple of euros is an extra travel experience. I hardly have any things left, and I can tell you: that is delicious.

9. Rent Your Space

Rent an extra room through Airbnb. Perhaps more difficult if you live in a forgotten village, but in a large city, you earn a few tens a month by renting out your extra room.

10. Create A Business

Start a blog or YouTube channel to earn extra income in the longer term. Keep in mind that you will probably not earn anything in the first year, so you have to do this because you really have a passion for what you make content about. Otherwise, you will never keep it up.

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