Top 10 Solo Travel Hacks You Have To Know

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Solo travel is a big step outside the comfort zone for most solo travellers. Logical, because you are completely on your own during your trip. And that is of course exactly what makes it so incredibly cool. You can do whatever you want.

Solo Travel might be scary for first-time travellers, but it is a fun and inspiring way to learn to trust yourself and experience things that you would never have experienced otherwise.

Here are 8 solo travel Hacks and tips that will make your next solo trip go smoothly.

Solo Travel Hack 1: Choose Hostels

solo travel hacks

The hostel is the preferable type of accommodation during solo travelling. The reason why is because the community is filled with travellers, People who are travelling solo, like you, also the minded people who are doing exactly what you are doing.

Staying in a hostel giving you the chance to meet other travellers who have already travelled around the area you’re currently in. They can offer advice on things to do, places to see places to eat.

You also have the opportunity to make friends, because In most hostels everyone is friendly in open minded.

HERE is the best place to find a hostel.

Solo Travel Hack 2: Travel Light

solo travel hacks

Packing less is more important when you’re travelling solo. Because you don’t want to be lugging around a couple of heavy bags when you have to get somewhere and you don’t have anyone to help you. So when you’re packing, pack as light as possible.

If you can pack just a carry-on, and a small day bag, you will make your solo travel so much easier.

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Solo Travel Hack 3: Learn The Local Language.

Learn the basics of the language of the place you’re going to, that way you can really dive into the culture and make friends with locals.

Learning the local language makes you feel more confident. So when you’re walking around you can ask for things in the local language. Duolingo and Babble are highly recommended apps for language learning.

Solo Travel Hack 4: Be Confident

Always keep your head up, and eye contact. When you’re walking down an unfamiliar street, maybe you’re even lost, do not look like you are lost. Always look like you know where you’re going. Look like you own the place. Look like you’ve been there for a while and you know exactly where you’re going.

Confidence is key, especially when you’re traveling solo.

Solo Travel Hack 5: Don’t Be Shy Of Asking Locals

“The Rule Of 3” It’s asking three different locals the same question. So if you’re looking for a certain place, ask three locals where that place is. And if at least two of the three of them tell you the right place, then you know you’re going in the right direction.

Solo Travel Hack 6: Make Eye Contact

Not that you have to look at everyone desperately, but looking around you and making contact with people won’t hurt you. It makes it easier for people to approach you. Just sitting deep in your phone does not help in any case.

You don’t have to wait for someone to approach you, of course, you can also start a conversation with people who are waiting at the bar for their drink or with the people sitting next to you.

Solo Travel Hack 7: Play A Game

solo travel hacks

Most hostels do have a card game or Jenga for example. If not, it’s always handy to have a game with you. This is the ideal way to connect a group of single travellers and to make new contacts. Travellers like to join in for a game!

Travel Hack 8: Follow A Workshop

solo travel hacks

Dancing, cooking, surfing, learning a language … every country has something you can follow for workshops. And that is not only incredibly fun but by learning a day or part of it together with others, you can easily make contact with each other. And because you share an interest with each other, you also have sufficient discussion material.

Travel Hack 9: Space In Your Travel Schedule

When we embark on an unknown adventure, we sometimes tend to plan everything in advance. This is to keep some control over the situation. Giving a little direction to your travel route is useful, especially if you have limited time. But be flexible to deviate from your planned route.

It is precisely that space in your travel schedule that offers plenty of opportunities for special adventures. This way you can follow the golden tips of fellow travellers and end up in places that you could never have imagined beforehand. But also going out for a while with new friends is possible. It may also be that on the spot it turns out that the route you had in mind is not that handy after all. So choose a direction, but then let yourself be carried away with the wind and a special journey is guaranteed!

Travel Hack 10: Listen To Your Feelings

The fact that you dare to make the choice to go on a journey alone says something about you. You go on the adventure. And hold that feeling. Do not be afraid of being alone, because it is precisely at those moments that you can optimally enjoy your surroundings and be equally aware of the here and now.

You may think that it is strange that you are sitting there alone in a restaurant, but that is only in your head and certainly not in other people’s.

Travelling alone is a unique opportunity to really listen to your own feelings. Do what you want. No need to make concessions. Just do everything that comes to mind. You don’t have to take anyone into account

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