The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is the largest city and capital of the beautiful Netherlands. It is known for its beautiful coffee,
shops, canals, and the Red Light District. But of course, this is not all that Amsterdam can offer. There are more amazing places to visit and things to do in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is the perfect city for culture lovers, even young people can go wild. So here top 10 sights and things to do
in Amsterdam:

1. Take The Ferry:

things to do in amsterdam

Fun, fast and completely free! The GVB ferry across the IJ will take you safely to Amsterdam-Noord and back again.
The hotspots of Amsterdam-Noord are tempting with a short boat trip.

The sailing time depends on where you board and is between 5 and 20 minutes. Frequently used boarding places are those from the De Ruyterkade behind Amsterdam Central Station. The boats sail 24 hours a day, at least 5 times an hour.

2. Try The Amsterdam Canal Belt:

things to do in amsterdam

Cruise the boat on the unique, beautiful canals of Amsterdam. Millions of people have already preceded you, the tour boats are one of the most visited attractions in the Netherlands.

In 1612, people started digging three main canals, Herengracht, Prinsengracht, and Keizersgracht. These canals were
expanded considerably over the years, due to the rapid growth of the city of Amsterdam.

The canals are arranged in a circle around the center, you could see it as a belt. The boat takes you on an adventure
past all kinds of old, historic houses that were mostly built in the Golden Age.

Let yourself be carried away by the stories about the historic houses and about the Golden Age and at the same time enjoy sailing on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.

3. Visit EYE Film Museum:

things to do in amsterdam

The futuristic, spectacular EYE Museum, a museum where everything revolves around film, is located on the northern banks of the IJ in Amsterdam .

Inside, the EYE cinema, film mecca, and museum are all in one. You watch films in four movie theaters, but there are also exhibitions, educational activities, and the annual Imagine Film Festival.

4. Visit Anne Frank House:

things to do in amsterdam

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who went into hiding with her Jewish family during the Second World War. She and her family hid behind a bookcase in the secret annex. She became famous worldwide for her diary, which she kept when she was in hiding in the secret annex.

This house is now, since 1960, a beautiful museum where you can see the Secret Annex with your own eyes. Everything has been returned to its original condition.

The Anne Frank house takes you, as it were, a step back in time and tells you more about the living conditions of Anne Frank and her family during World War 2. The stories are very lively and the museum is visited by almost a million people every year.

5. Visit Café de Ceuvel:

You can rock on the waterfront at Café de Ceuvel. The decor: an old shipyard transformed into a ship’s slope terrace. The vibe Alternative, creative, original, self-sufficient, sustainable and recycled materials everywhere.

For example, 80-year-old mooring posts from the port of Amsterdam were used, just like a cut-through rescue brigade pavilion from Scheveningen. How cool is that? The food there is organic, is freshly prepared and important: it simply tastes good. In a little while, you’ll be rocking after work in one of the hammocks in the summer sun.

6. Visit Rijksmuseum:

things to do in amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is the largest and most important museum in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Don’t be surprised, but there are more than 200 halls! Full of artworks like the big names Rembrandt and Vermeer! With the most famous work of art by Rembrandt, namely the Night Watch.

In addition to this work, there are more than 1 million other pieces to be found, a huge collection full of art. The state owns the Rijksmuseum and aims to show Dutch history to as many compatriots and tourists as possible.

If you are curious about the history of the Netherlands, then this amazing museum should be on your list of things to do in Amsterdam.

7. Restaurant-Café De IJkantine:

From coffee, traditional lunch to refined dinners. Restaurant-café De IJ-canteen at the NDSM-wharf is such a place to relax, away from the bustle of the city. To look forward to lounge by the roaring fire with a view of the Amsterdam harbor. Want a boat yourself? The IJ canteen has its own landing pontoon. The waterfront terrace opens between March and October. Open daily from 9 a.m.

8. Visit Leidseplein:

things to do in amsterdam

The Leidseplein is the most famous square in the city and is a beautiful tourist attraction. There are beautiful terraces and often street artists can be found. There are also places to go out and the youth can enjoy themselves here. A beautiful square to spend the day in.

9. Visit IJ-Hallen:

things to do in amsterdam

The largest flea market in Europe is just in Amsterdam-Noord. About 700 stalls filled with vintage stuff, worn fashion,
toys, curios, trinkets, and attic clutter.

If you like to spend hours poking around and looking for that one interior object or seventies piece of jewelry, go to De IJhallen flea market. Everything is second-hand and private. The market is there every first weekend of the month.

In the spring/summer everything goes from the inside to the outside with the outdoor market.

10. Palace on the Dam

things to do in amsterdam

The Palace on Dam Square is a Royal Palace, located in the heart of Amsterdam. This used to be built as Amsterdam’s town hall between 1648 and 1665. Since 1808 it has been used as a Royal Palace. Nowadays the Royal family no longer lives here, but it is still beautiful to visit.

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