7 Best Things To Do In Bali

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Bali has a unique and relaxed atmosphere, beautiful nature and culturally the island is different from other Indonesian islands. You will find the Hindu culture everywhere; the soothing scent of incense meets you and you will find baskets with petals of the Canang Sari offerings everywhere. In addition to a visit to one of the 20,000 temples and altars, these are the top 7 things to do in Bali:

1. Set Out A Turtle

things to do in bali

It is a unique opportunity to do a good deed. For a few euros, you can set out a young turtle in the sea in Bali. At Reef Seen in the north near Permuteran, eggs from sea turtles are hatched. And as a tourist, if the tide and the conditions are right, you can release a turtle into the sea in the morning. So that he does not suffer from hungry dogs or birds of prey, but may swim towards a long future.

Ask in advance (for example via e-mail) when it is best to come by to do this since it has to do with the moon phase and the tide. Of course, you can also visit the project yourself if you are in the area. And so learn everything about the five species of sea turtles that swim around here. These are loggerhead turtle, loggerhead turtle, soup turtle, leatherback turtle, and warrant.

More information: www.reefseenbali.com

2. Learn How The Coral Grows

things to do in bali

It almost sounds alien. At Pemuteran in the northeast of Bali, an attempt is made to grow coral with a low current. Various artificial reefs have also been created here, on which the tiny animals can develop. The Pemuteran Artificial Reef Project is right in front of Taman Sari Cottages. The first results are promising. The coral grows steadily and attracts countless fish species. What you can see for yourself. And you can learn a lot about the coral and its inhabitants here.

More information: www.biorockbali.webs.com

3. Go Rafting In Bali

things to do in bali

Rafting is not immediately something you expect at Bali. It is not known to everyone, but the interior of Bali offers good white water possibilities. You can raft on rivers with names such as Ayung, Telaga Waja and Unda. This is Class II and III, which is average, but not exceptionally challenging. You paddle your way through the green heart of Bali, right through the rainforest and meters high gorges. If you have time to look … You can easily get in touch with the tour operators from most hotels (but also in Sanur, Kuta, and Ubud). You can go half a day, but also a full day. Check the quality of the excursion provider in advance, there are considerable differences in the quality of the items. Where cheap is often expensive.

4. Feel The Fire In Kecak

things to do in bali

Kecak is a famous fire dance. This dance originated in the thirties of the last century in the village of Bona, south of Ubud. It is a derivative dance of older dances and tells about well-known Hindu legends. Men move in circles similar to each other, creating a whole. There is no music, but there is a lot of singing. Fire is also involved, which brings out all kinds of arts. A costumed dancer is usually seen in the middle of the group of dancers. The rhythms are uplifting and the passion radiates from the bare upper bodies. Kecak dances are performed in various places in Bali, such as Uluwatu and Ubud. The shows are usually staged at nightfall or just after. Ask for it.

5. Discover The Most Beautiful Rice Fields In Bali

things to do in bali

Those who drive from Antosari to Pupuan (via Belimbing and Sanda) overlook the most beautiful rice fields in Bali. Here you can see how ingeniously the Balinese use the structure of the landscape for growing rice. Pay particular attention to the water that flows from one field to the other. If you have a guide, you will learn everything about the different types of rice, replanting it regularly and much more. A good time to go is in the early morning or in the afternoon. It is not that hot and the sunlight is less bright.

6. Surfing

things to do in bali

Bali is a popular place for surfing. The best spots are on the southern Bukit Peninsula and the most popular beaches are Uluwatu and Padang-Padang, but you can also surf well at Canggu Beach or Echo Beach above Seminyak.

7. Experience The ‘Being Quiet’ Day

It is a special phenomenon in Bali. That tourists are both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised. Sometime in March or April, Nyepi (meaning ‘to be quiet’) is celebrated, the day that all of Bali is quiet and dark. The Sakakalender is used for this. It is New Year’s Eve, during which countless animals are sacrificed to the gods. At sunset, as much noise as possible is made (including instruments and fireworks) to chase away the spirits. After which all lights fail to give the ghosts the idea that the island is deserted. And so you are not allowed on the street. For example, there are no flights to and from Bali. The day of silence lasts 24 hours. A special event.

#Best Time For Bali:

Bali has roughly two seasons, one wet and one dry.

  • Wet Season: The wet season lasts from December to April. But this does not mean that it rains here all day. Occasional showers can fall, especially in December and January. Often it is often cloudy, while it can be very sultry. However, there are fewer tourists and the island is extremely green and colorful due to the many flowers. On the other hand, rain showers ensure that a lot of waste flows into the sea. And so it pollutes the beach and the coral reef. The temperature varies between 25 and 30 degrees, but 35 can also occur occasionally.
  • Dry Season: This is the high season of Bali. The hotels and resorts are full, the sun is shining and the beaches are golden yellow (or lava black) in color. The temperature here can rise to 35 degrees, sometimes even 40 degrees. As a
  • result, it is not always easy to undertake something. Or of course, it must be one of the many water activities. The humidity is much less than in the wet season.

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