Top 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Barcelona

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  In a city as popular and large as Barcelona, it is difficult to find new, unknown places that not everyone has heard of or has already been to. Fortunately, there are still beautiful places to visit in Barcelona that are not yet in all manuals! I picked out some of the best places to visit in Barcelona. From high-profile bars to secret outdoor areas: there is something for everyone when you just want to escape from the tourist crowds!

   Below is a list of beautiful places to visit in Barcelona:

1. Tibidabo

places to visit in barcelona

  According to Matthew’s verse in the Bible, the devil took Jesus by the hand, led him to the top of a high mountain, and gestured to the beautiful plains and towns below. With a flick of the forked tail, he whispered, “I will give you all these things if you fall down and worship me.” The name Tibidabo comes directly from Latin, which means ‘I will give you’.

  Tibidabo is part of the Collserola Mountains, a beautiful nature reserve covered with hiking trails and cycle paths and overlooking the Montserrat mountain and the Pyrenees. If you go on the weekend, you may come across yellow volunteers who walk the many dogs from the Tibidabo Animal Shelter.

  The Sagrat Cor church is located on the highest peak 512 m, with interesting works of art inside, and one of Europe’s oldest fairs outside.


places to visit in barcelona

Is Barceloneta beautiful? The locals would certainly pinch their nose and make a contemptuous remark: “Are you kidding?” It is true that the bays of the Costa Brava and the long sandy beaches outside of Barcelona are more beautiful. However, if it compares with Margate or Bournemouth, Barceloneta should definitely be on the list. During the hot summer months, Barceloneta is full of tourists and Cerveza sellers, but if you go to the beach early in the morning or at sunset, you will really appreciate the beauty of this urban beach.


places to visit in barcelona

If you are looking for beautiful places in Barcelona, ??Park Güell should definitely be on your list. Built not only by Barcelona’s most famous architect, Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926), it also stands on the Turó del Carmel hill, guaranteeing great views of Barcelona’s famous skyline and the azure Mediterranean. Gaudí was mainly inspired by the asymmetrical curves and contours of the natural world, which you can recognize in the organic caves and wavy lines of his mosaic works.

4. Ciutadella Park

places to visit in barcelona

This is one of the largest green spaces in Barcelona and it is full of beautiful details. To begin with, it is one of the few places with enough grass to roll up, have a picnic or stretch the wire to practice tug-of-war.

There is a large boating pond with a vibrant ecosystem of beautiful aquatic plants and ducks. A large golden fountain and water full are the focal point where the park spreads out, towards the Catalan parliament buildings and the zoo.

5. Barcelona Cathedral

places to visit in barcelona

The facade of Barcelona’s largest Gothic masterpiece has recently been restored, and it is one of the best historical places to visit in Barcelona.

It now shines in the sunshine, overlooking the Plaça de la Seu, the square that shares the name of the cathedral. Take a walk around the cathedral and watch out for the gargoyles that knock you down like illustrations of an HP Lovecraft story, or admire the tall towers.

The interior of the cathedral is just as beautiful as you would expect, with a large main altar and side altars dedicated to important saints. The respectful atmosphere is accentuated by high ceilings, low light, and incense that burns in graceful cast-iron means.

Barcelona Cathedral can be visited free of charge during certain hours and a donation is requested at other times.

6. Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum

places to visit in barcelona
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Sharp corners, large glass panels, and massive stone steps, the exterior of the MACBA is no less impressive than the permanent collection that exhibits world-class temporary exhibitions. It was one of the projects that allowed Raval’s city center in Barcelona to start the ‘up and coming’ tagline and was completed in 1995 by New York architect Richard Meier.

You can also watch how skateboarders perform their tricks, order a nice beer or wine at one of the H Original bars or one of the other cafés in Plaça dels Angels and enjoy it.

7. Carmel Bunkers

places to visit in barcelona

If you would like to experience one of the best views of the beautiful city, the Carmel Bunkers are the place to be. These former war bunkers are located in the foothills that surround the city.

Nowadays it is a popular meeting place for people who want to escape the busy city center and enjoy the impressive view of peace.

8. The Horta Labyrinth

places to visit in barcelona

Ever wanted to get lost in a huge labyrinth yourself? Joan Antoni Desvalls of d’Ardena already had that wish and built an 820-meter labyrinth on the outskirts of Barcelona in the early 18th century.

You can also visit it yourself, but only 750 visitors are allowed daily. Fortunately for us, the Horta labyrinth is not such a well-known place for tourists!

9. Plaça d’Espanya

places to visit in barcelona

When you get off the metro, do not be distracted by the many lanes of cars that swing around the monument in the middle. Deviate from traffic and admire the Palau Nacional building, home of Barcelona’s prestigious National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC).

The fountains along the boulevard are of course the magical fountains of Montjuïc that come to life with an epic choreography of dancing rays, colored lighting and a popular soundtrack for music.

10. Passeig de Gràcia

places to visit in barcelona

The wide avenue is flanked by tall trees, modernist lampposts and some of the most prestigious shops in the city. Say hello to Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermès and the other stores.

There are also high street stores, so if you’re a fan of Zara, Mango, Berhska and the like, this is the best street for a few brand new items of clothing. You can appreciate the elegance of the shop windows, but it is mainly the architectural masterpieces that distinguish Passeig de Gràcia.

Gaudí’s Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera, can be found here. Buying your tickets online is wise if you want to avoid the long queues.


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